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Embedded Contextual Context

Creative intent along with written messaging of a campaign work’s hand in hand in telling a richer story.

Now we are entering a programmatic era we have the potential to maximise this opportunity and manipulate our visual content to be more relevant to our intended audience, producing more dynamic executions that have a larger breadth of messaging under an overarching brand / business strategy.

One way we can apply this is by looking at advertising from the strategic and creative perspective, leveraging the creative execution and embedding contextual context into the creative.

This has the following advantages:

  1. Quality Control – Focusing on one creative execution as the foundation to build the other executions upon allows for the same post production recipe to be applied to the other visuals ensuring the stylisation and look are seamless.
  2. Time / Cost Saving – Producing one hero asset with 4 variations takes less time and cost overall than 5 independent executions.
  3. Amplification – The messaging can be more customer centric with the potential to cover more client opportunities and appeal to a larger demographic.

As a proof of concept we have taken the Amnesty International, Write for Rights campaign and blended this with the empathy we have at Christmas to give and receive. Taking the iconic cultural notion of writing letters to Santa we have created an image that is both emotionally connected to our childhood, and also resonates with the emotional attachment to humanity too our other wo/man.

From one execution we have been able to cover a whole array of petitions under the Write for Rights campaign umbrella utilising this approach. Allowing for the following added opportunity to arise:

  1. Keeps Ad context relevant in the moment with ease of updating for the future.
  2. You can show users different information or calls to action, or you could have different languages.
  3. Report on and optimise performance from insight on user engagement.
  4. Leverage creative relevance for your customers.

Creating linear content is becoming a thing of the past. Now we can optimise the execution by applying a creative strategic approach from the start that allows us to both align the business goals with the creative. Delivering a larger breadth of more dynamic customer focused content.


This project embeds varying copy directly into the image, allowing for re-versioning with appropriate messaging depending on location and situation.


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  • Production
  • Photography
  • Post Production



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